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The Hummingbird Connection is committed to connecting people back to themselves. Embracing, nurturing and inspiring their spirit to let it fly. As part of our offer of connection, we also provide a range of additional services, such as Yin Yoga classes, Private session in Reiki, Kids Yoga,  as well as Workshops and Retreats

One on One sessions or bookings for private groups across all of our modalities are also available.

Sound Healings, Yin Yoga Instructions,  Kids yoga, Reiki sessions are available in your home, or perhaps at a retreat or an event you may be holding.

Sharon is more than happy to talk further with you about possibilities!

Private Sessions

The Hummingbird Connections is proud to host many workshops and retreats throughout the year. To stay updated on all of our upcoming events, please subscribe to the Hummingbird Newsletter here

Workshops & Retreats

Yin yoga is a beautifully delicious practice that helps us heal both our heart and our mind. It allows us time to sit with ourselves, to just be still, and notice what the body and mind are telling us, balancing us with a unique sense of calm you will feel both physically and mentally.

A predominately floor based practice targeting the deeper connective tissues of the body - fascia, tendons and ligaments, and is suitable for every body of every level.  A deeply nourishing and meditative practice. No experience necessary. Weekly classes, regular workshops and retreats are offered.

Yin Yoga

Our mission is the foundation of everything we do - connecting people back to themselves. Embracing, nurturing and inspiring spirits to fly.