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Through our school wellbeing programs, we inspire school communities to practice evidence based methods that build resilience and improve mental and physical health and wellbeing.

We inspire students to build strong inner resources to thrive in a challenging world and empowering teachers with skills to support them in bringing these strategies to the classroom.


Programs are designed to help motivate, educate and inspire kids to live to their true potential.  Improving student resilience, self-esteem, fostering active listening, optimistic thinking and positive response. Supporting students with interpreting, identifying and demonstrating strategies to build positive self-talk and mindset and develop empathy towards others.


All programs can be specifically written to meet the needs of your school, yoga, mindfulness. sound healing and wellbeing.

 1 in 7 primary school kids have a mental illness

 1 in 4 adolescents have a mental illness

 1 in 5 adults will experience mental ill-health through the year

 65% of adolescents do not seek help for mental illness

The Hummingbird Connection 5 elements of Wellbeing

These five elements are the core pillars of each session we deliver within each program



Mindfulness practices to connect to yourself, the world around you and your community.


Harness the power of your breath to manage your emotional and energetic state.


Improve physical health, increase confidence, and enhance executive function.


Increase your capacity to pay attention, and focus on the task at hand.


Restore alertness, manage over-stimulation and reduce insomnia.

Each program session focusses on a different theme allowing students to really investigate and reflect upon a multitude of elements which when combined, truly build a resilient and unstoppable mindset.


Our Programs

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