Strong bodies, strong minds,

strong hearts

Yoga can be a powerful ally for children and teens allowing them to reap many benefits in this fast paced and often challenging world. Introducing them to yoga is an amazing tool to teach them how to keep the mind calm, learn self regulation, help them deal with their emotions and build confidence in a playful, fun and relatable way.  Supporting them in building strong bodies, strong minds and strong hearts.


It’s tough growing up in today’s world amidst the pressures of society, study, exams, social media, peer pressure and parental expectations. Our children can be so very hard on themselves.  Weekly term based classes are held in a non-judgemental, supportive space. Designed to assist in empowering them to develop healthy self-esteem, body awareness, self-confidence and wellbeing in a meaningful and interactive way. A strong focus is placed on teaching tools to overcome stress and anxiety which are easy, practical and effective.


Classes and private sessions are available for children and teens of all abilities supporting them in cultivating emotional regulation, improving sleep, promoting self-control, reducing stress and anxiety, building confidence and self-esteem and improving muscular strength and flexibility.

Many conditions can be supported through a regular yoga practice and with use of yoga therapy, including but not limited to: improved mental health, ASD, ADHD, depression, focus and concentration, back issues, weight, digestive issues, OCD and anxiety.




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