I've been on a long journey from attending my very first yoga practice to becoming a yoga teacher and healing practitioner, during which I've learnt two important lessons. That the body can often truly heal itself through  Yoga and Yoga Therapy.  And that good health begins with self care.

After a painful relationship breakdown, I was in a place of darkness and despair, I was desperately seeking a way out of  it.  Enter yoga.   And like many people I had preconceived ideas about what yoga was all about, that it was all downward facing dogs and balancing poses - how very wrong I was. Yoga truly is what healed me not only physically, but emotionally. I was so inspired and intrigued by this powerful practice that I decided to become a yoga teacher myself.  And not just for adults, but also for children. I started to realize my yoga practice was my self care. Self care is the first step and the step we can all do. My self care began to extend, I had profound experiences of healing with both sound healing and Reiki healing.In all honesty I was a little tongue-in-cheek when I first tried these modalities, yet the profound experiences I had with both certainly spun that compeltely around. My mission in life became to help others using these remarkable healing systems. Whilst Western medicine has transformed the health care system as we know it today, there’s a gap that it doesn’t address and that’s the ‘feeling a little bit off', the ‘not feeling so good’, the always tired and over-stressed. This is where these modalities bring their magic and support.

And so I founded The Hummingbird Connection whereby I can teach others the powerful tools of yoga, and give them the healing experiences of sound healing and energy healing. A place where you can be reminded of your greatness, your gifts and support you in introducing new layers of self care and simple little rituals into your every day. What I hope is that the information, techniques and tools that changed my life and those of many others can help you feel energized, well and healthy, too.

I’ve been teaching yoga since 2004 alongside practicing sound healing and reiki healing.  I've studied Yoga Therapy, Sound Healing and Reiki and qualified as a Yin Yoga teacher, graduating my studies in Kids Yoga and Yoga Therapy through Zenergy Yoga.

I’m now committed to increasing awareness of this ancient wisdom and encouraging people to master their own health. My aim is to make yoga and healing practices achievable and accessible, and as habitual as washing your hands.

In practice, this now means working online as much as I’m able, with live feed sessions and video conferencing to enable as many people as possible to access this ancient wisdom. I also work one to one with clients, offering  both private consultations where we can unlock your issues through  Yoga Therapy or Reiki healing and give you the tools to help you master your health as well as regular group workshops where you can relax, restore and explore further and really take the time to nourish yourself in a deeper way. 


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