Offering therapies to adults and children - Spiritual Counselling, Emotional Healing, Values Coaching, and Sound Healing.

Together, let's get to the heart of matters. We offer a caring and direct path forward from what's keeping you stuck.

Spiritual Counselling helps you understand the cause of your issues, identifies where it all started, and offers clarity, direction and a way to break free of negative patterns, bringing powerful and positive change.  Spiritual Counselling takes a values-based approach, helping you to quickly discover more about yourself, as well as those around you and within your life.

Emotional Healing releases past or present emotional blockages within the body keeping you in a negative pattern, mindset, or behaviour, including repressed and suppressed emotions, helping find both the confidence and clarity to create long and lasting change.

Personal Harmony Coaching helps you clearly see where you are at with your values, how much you apply them currently, and helps you learn how to close the gaps in those values that need a little more attention.  A profoundly powerful process to see clearly and honestly where you are at right now within your relationship with yourself, as well as how you interact and engage within the wider world. A process of self-discovery to help vastly improve the quality of your life and opportunity for personal development and growth.

Online sessions are also available for counselling and coaching, including internationally.

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